Sticky plum sauce

The plums used in our Sticky Plum Sauce are grown in a specific region of South Africa called the Little Karoo. It is here in this remote part of the world where the combination of loamy Karoo soil and the Mediterranean climate form the perfect environment to grow some of the world’s best quality plums. The long hot summers cause the fruit to ripen with a delicious and unique sweetness and the icy winters ensure the trees get a long and peaceful rest before each harvest. We use only the freshest plums, garlic and ginger which are prepared on-site ensuring each ingredient passes a quality inspection before being minced and added to the cooking pots.

Hot sticky plum sauce

Our Original Sticky Plum Sauce with fresh chillies. Mild to hot heat level.

chipotle sauce

The chipotles used in our chipotle chilli sauce are made from locally grown Jalapeños from a small town called Malmesbury, situated just outside of Cape Town. A combination of the long, warm, dry summers and loamy soil rich in organic matter form the perfect environment to grow the best quality jalapenos. The consistent high summer heat allows the chillies to naturally ripen to a beautiful deep red with a smooth, firm flesh. The chillies are then hand harvested and sorted and naturally smoked and dried using wood chips until most of the moisture has been removed, leaving them with a unique and smokey spiciness. The chipotles are then blended with fresh coriander, lemon juice and tomato puree to create a deliciously earthy and subtly spicy sauce.

bourbon bbq sauce

Our Bourbon BBQ sauce is inspired from the pit masters in Southern America and has a delicious sweet and tangy flavour with a caramelised, smokey finish. We only use the finest Tennessee Bourbon whisky in our sauce which is distilled in copper stills then filtered through stacks of sugar maple charcoal which give it a unique smokey and spicy flavour. A perfect combination and authentic Southern style BBQ sauce.

chocolate honey

The honey used in our chocolate honey is made from the uniquely South African vegetation called Fynbos. Fynbos makes up the tiniest vegetation in the world and only grows along the West Coast of Cape Town. Honey is made from the first flowers blooming after the winter rain. Badger friendly hives are gently nestled amongst the vegetation and carefully harvested by hand ensuring this unique floral kingdom is well preserved and the beautiful and unique floral flavours it imparts in the honey are paid homage to. This delicious rich and dark honey is then combined with the finest 70% dark chocolate to produce a deliciously smooth and intensely flavoured honey.

single malt whisky marmalade

The single malt whisky used in our marmalade jam is matured in Bourbon casks giving it a seductively smooth and spicy flavour with a delicious and nutty, dry finish. This pairs beautifully with the Seville oranges which are famous for their tart and intense fruity flavour, which are locally grown in the fertile Citrusdal valley.

pink gin and strawberry jam

Our pink gin and strawberry jam is made from a specific variety of strawberries known for their intense flavour and deep red flesh. Grown in the fertile green valleys of the Cape Winelands, these mountains create a majestic backdrop and provide the perfect soil conditions to grow the most flavourful strawberries. These strawberries are then cooked in small batches and perfectly combined with our handcrafted pink gin to create a delicious and fragrant jam with top notes of elderflower and juniper.

chocolate marquise
dessert sauce

Chocolate marquise desert sauce is inspired from the classic French dessert. Decadent and velvety smooth with deliciously dark chocolate and a rich well rounded coffee flavour. Made from 70% chocolate, cream and fresh coffee, this dessert sauce is seriously sublime and the perfect accompaniment for any dessert.

creme brulee dessert sauce

Our salted brulee dessert sauce is inspired from the famous crème brulee dessert. We have perfectly balanced this delicious creamy dessert with its crunchy burnt sugar top to make a sensationally sublime and silky smooth sauce. We use real crushed burnt sugar crystals and caramel with a hint of salt which give it that unique and authentic crème brulee flavour. Delicious over ice-cream or as a topping for cheesecake.